Thursday, October 22, 2009

The one where we start the whole shabang

"The Wind and the Sea" - Shumi - Total 10 (2009)

The sun rises, the sun sets. The earth floats through space following a preordained path. All this is to say that some things just never change. Over the last decade one of the things that just seems like it will never change is the ability of Kompakt, based in Cologne, Germany, to put out hautingly brilliant minimalistic house music. Kompakt's undisputed sill of hunting down the best artists and tracks in minimalistic house music is not only a rarity this day and age but music fans across the globe owe them a debt of gratitude for their efforts. "The Wind and The Sea" is no exception to the rule either. Beginning with just a few plucked chords that hint at none of the dark, encompassing beats to come, and backed by synth waves layered one on top of another, each helping to create a mood and feel similar to standing in a dark field late at night and staring up into the sky. Like the best songs in the Kompakt catalog "The Wind and The Sea" beats like it is its F'ing job. Ariel synths and strings layered on top of a solid four-by-four beat foundation go a far way in creating the sound scape of what one would assume the sea feels like at night, in the dark, with a strong cold wind at your back. Accessible and comforting, like a blanket at night, "The Wind and The Sea" succeeds because like the ocean you just are not exactly certain what lies underneath the surface.

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