Thursday, October 22, 2009

Break open your glass doors and let the world in

"Praise Your Name" - The Angels of Light - New Mother (1999)

"Kill idiot, violence, punish greed, punish me
Run naked through the streets, stab blood eyes and scream"

Michael Gira has always had a violent nature about himself it seems. Through his work with Swans which was equal part sonic exploration and the unveiling of violence in a musical medium. The difference between Swans and Angles of Light though is accessibility. Gone are the indsturial screams, grinding, and thrashing and it its place stand softly plucked acoustic guitars, strings, pianos and hushed voices. Oh by galley the violence and exhibition is still existent, it is just in a much more easier to swallow pill form. In Angles of Light Gira still focuses on the part of the human condition that hides in the corner of everyone. Violence, exhibition, godlessness, loss and despair are all reoccurring topics, but on the first track from their first album, "Praise Your Name" gives fans a taste of what is to come. Gira is not only shinning a bright light on the darker parts of the human psyche but he is praising it at the same time. What Gira is doing is far different from mere indifference in ones persons action and emotions. He is praising those scars, demons, and violent emotions and putting them on a pedestal. When Gira sings over top of strummed acoustic guitar, "rise about the garbage/kill anything that walks" this is a call to arms for all who feel their thoughts and emotions don't fit with their peers. Few descriptors are more accurate that Gothic folk.

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