Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Orthodox Caveman

I'll Take The Hard Road/I Believe I'll See You There

Football Today! by BigFootAtWork

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beat. Down. Vol. 1

Because you can have bass without rap. This is a dubstep/house/ambient type tape. Turn the lights off and the bass up. All of these songs beat.

1 - Zero 7 - Ghost sYMbOL
2 - Moderat - Nr. 22
3 - Kryptic Minds - Stepping Stone
4 - Burial - Wounder
5 - Joker and Ginz - Purple City
6 - Mia - So I Felt
7 - Posture for Posterity - It was a Nightmare
8 - Puscifer- Indigo Children (JLE dub mix)
9 - DJ Rupture - Homeboys (Feat. Max Normal)
10 - Flying Lotus - Camel
11 - 2562 - Lost
12 - King Midas Sound - Earth a Kill ya
13 - Peaches - Take You On
14 - Annie - Always Too Late
15 - Apparat - Holdon
16 - Alias & Tarsier - Ligaya
17 - Clint Mansell - Tree Of Life

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Are Not An Airplane!

"Young Hearts Spark Fire" - Japandroids

Part I

We Use to Dream/ Now We Worry About Dying
We Use To Dream/ Now We Worry About Dying
I Don't Want To Worry About Dying
I Just Want To Worry About those Sunshine Girls

Part II
Unbridled longing for something more in life.

Part III
Everyone at some point in their life probably wakes up one morning and realizes that they are worrying about the wrong things. What you should be worrying about is figuring out how you are going to be an airplane. Seriously. Get on that.

This song is about that. It totally beats.

Part IV

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm as Crooked as a Dog's Hind Leg

"You Don't Know What Love Is" - 2000F & J Kamata

So, the seminal dub-step/techno/bad shit crazy label Hyperdub just released a compilation in celebration of their five year anniversary. Bat shit crazy doesn't even start to describe what these tracks are like. Sometimes when I try to explain to people what electronic music is like I throw around themes like music for robots or beats you would hear in space but this Hyperdub compilation pretty much blows those descriptions to pieces. Over the course of twenty some banging tracks Hyperdub once again asks listeners to rethink what electronic/dance/techno music is. These tracks are from a place in time that is impossible to comprehend. Apocalyptic it is not, but dark, for sure. And with more computer animated whistles and swirly sounds then you can shack a stick at this album is well worth the time and investment. God damn the future is going to be awesome. We are all going to be listening to these tracks in our flying cars in no time. Fuck. Yes. Not only are we going to be jamming to this in the future but this track, "You Don't Know What Love Is" will be the song you get down to in your bedroom with your significant other. This is music for robots to make love to.