Friday, October 23, 2009

I Bought a Bowling Pin Today for Decoration and Self Defense

"Gas V" - Gas - Nad Und Fern (2008)

I demand to know where these sounds came from. These are not human sounds. These are not sounds made by a machine somewhere either. What the hell are these sounds?

I hear something spinning in the background. Like someone is taking a plastic tube and spinning it around in the air really fast. I hear something like a sucking sound every once and awhile too. Or is it a blowing sound? Who knows! All I know is that these are not sounds ever heard on earth before. Prior to this song being produced these sounds didn't exist. Wolfgang Voigt, who works under the moniker Gas, is simply playing God here. He is reaching down and turning nobs and creating sounds that this world has never heard before. He is layering them on top of each other to form a song (edit: I'm still not certain we can call this a song but because we haven't found a better word to explain what exactly this is, I guess we will have to do with the word song for now) that had never existed before, and to be more exact, probably could not have existed fifteen years ago.

Have you ever thought that maybe our cavemen ancestors had thought of these sounds but because they hadn't invited, well, anything yet, they were unable to reproduce them and were simply left to banging rocks against things? What if I'm wrong and these sounds did exist prior to this song. What if they existed in some poor caveman's head some where thousands of years ago? What if there was a caveman that while trying to fall asleep one night on the ground had these sounds in his head and couldn't get them out? Is that not impossible? Lets just lay in on the table here; we don't know what the caveman world sounded like. We can take an educated guess, but, we can not be absolutely certain what it did or did not sound like. What I'm trying to say is that you can not tell me, with absolute certainty that there wasn't a caveman one day walking across the plains of fucking Africa and while looking out over a field full of god knows what sort of animals this song was bumping from high heaven. You can not tell me that isn't at least some what plausible. Nope.

So, to review: Wolfgang Voigt is a living God from whose hands travel the life giving power to create these sounds or the stone age had the most bad ass soundtrack of all the ages. I don't see why both of these things can not be true.

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