Sunday, November 1, 2009

End of the Month Jams Vol. 1

Here at The One That Beats we are lazy. Not like, pot head lazy, like, we sit around all day with no jobs and just eat potato chips on the couch all day. It's just we got a lot on our respective plates. So, sometimes we don't get to post all of the songs we really want to so periodically we will be posting these dumps of songs we really like. Someday we will actually turn this into one mix you can download and or add some kind of player right on the site so visitors can stream these tunes. Hope you enjoy

"People" - J Dilla (Donuts)
"Airworks" - J Dilla (Donuts)
Yea, ok, so sue me. I must be the last music fan on earth to have picked up Donuts. Sometimes, for no real good reason, I refuse to listen to albums because either people I don't like are really into them or I'm just tired of being told how good it is so I stay away. I fucked up on this one for doing that. I could just put the entire album on here but lets just start with these two.

"Ground for Divorce" - Big Business (Here Comes The Waterworks)
Quick review of Where The Wild Things Are - not all that good. Little bit of a let down. Here is the problem; zero plot. I mean, absolutely zero. And it didn't help that every piece of dialogue for the Wild Things made them sound like total fucking stoners. It made my head hurt after awhile.

"VCR" - The Xx (S/T)

HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE. I read the other day that they had to cancel a couple up-coming shows because of exhaustion. Really? There is no way you guys are older than 22 years old. How the fuck are you guys canceling shows because of exhaustion? You have any idea how many 22 year-olds would give their left fucking foot to be in you position and you guys are too fucking tired to go on stage and play the 10 god damn songs you know? Pussies.

"Flight of the Feathered Serpent" - Fuck Buttons
Easily a top contender for song title of the year, from arguably, the best named band of the year. The last album was good, but this one is leaps and bounds better. Also, no one can tell me that you couldn't put this song on and it doesn't make you want to run through a god damn wall.

"One Beat" - Sleater-Kinney (One Beat)
"Far Away" - Sleater -Kinney (One Beat)
I'm going to start a girl riot band. It is going to happen. I'm still throwing around names for the band though, I think it might be something like No Cocks Allowed or Ben Peyton and the La La Las...I don't know yet. Either way it will be me, with an all girl band singing songs about how we hate/love girls. It is going to be great.

"Take My Breath Away" - Gui Borrato (Take My Breath Away)
God damn this one beats. I'm going to call it now, but this album has been totally slept on this year and all those ass holes are going to be pissed when they go back and listen to this again because this is a pretty amazing album. Icy Icy Icy beats.

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